Beautiful America – Memorial Day

I wrote this a few times ago, but still very appropriate for this Memorial Day! Enjoy!

If you do not go through this beautiful country, we some time call home, I highly recommend it. My husband and I had the opportunity in May, and we jumped at it. We started very windy, cold Tuesday morning with fear.

The route we chose took us through a blizzard in Wyoming (this cute little summer storm, which I learned later, leaving 22 inches of snow in Montana), Nebraska, where gas prices have made great 3.58 dollars per gallon, and warning of a tornado in Missouri. In every part of the country there is a clearly a different terrain – a joy to rediscover it again and again.

We found one happy little place in Illinois, where we stopped for breakfast, which seemed to be the basis for financial time. Gas prices reached $ 2.98 per gallon, and a delicious breakfast was not worth the arm and leg and your first born.

Unfortunately, we had to move on …. If you live in the west, you get used to the miles and miles of desert, mountains and several cities in between. However; if you go east, you expect that people will be more dense and, consequently, on the highways, you can get more towns and specifically restaurants. Not so! Motorway, we were having fun, were held on the slopes of the green hills, lots of trees and farmland, but, unfortunately, these people apparently do not eat. Rarely was available output to receive gas or eat. This prompted us to stock up when we found a place to stay, and by the time we got to Virginia, we could open his own shop of cheeses and crackers.

We finally arrived in Alexandria, Virginia late Friday, just before the Memorial Day events. Alexandria is outside of our nation's capitol and some fabulous place on weekends Memorial Day.

Everywhere there were activities for the whole family & # 39; and. Street musicians, street magicians, parrot rescue organization, carriage rides and colonial guide to take you to Alexandria and the trip to the cemetery – only a few entertainment options. Alexandria is known for being a & # 39 is "fun party descendant," and it certainly lives up to its reputation.

Embankment filled with life and entertainment. Between all the small shops, cafes and restaurants in the open air you will find that most of the original "old town" remains intact. Some streets are still paved, and many of the buildings are still colonial homes of yesteryear. They are perfectly preserved, and it would not be unusual to see George Washington or perhaps Benjamin Franklin come out of one of these residences. The town has done an excellent job of preserving our early American heritage.

Washington itself lived with people from anywhere in the country. The most visible and obvious of course was Rolling Thunder. This organization is already 20th year deals with the problems of war and police and supported the veterans of all wars. They roared into town on his Harley, their presence justified their behalf. Quite a sight!

Besides all the parades, speeches and ceremonies, which were held in honor of our fallen heroes, National Cemetery Arlingtana left a deep impression on me. When we passed through the gate with hundreds of other visitors to pay their respects, I was seized by severe sadness and gratitude.

My husband – the military, retired, as in many other Seven & # 39; pits, we also have a lot of people about whom we are afraid in Iraq. National Cemetery Arlingtana – it's so vivid picture of how many men and women have given their lives over the years to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted.

When I walked through the rows of tombstones, I was thinking about the diversity of this country and the life that we can continue and enjoy. True said that "Freedom is not free." I believe that the best way to thank our heroes – is to get out and enjoy all that this country has to offer. Walk – see those "amber waves of grain," "purple mountain majesty" and "fruit plains." We do live in a country that deserves to be called "America the beautiful".

Joseph Robidoux founded St. Joseph, Missouri (also called St. Joe, Missouri)

St. Joseph, Missouri, was founded by fur trader Joseph Robidoux, who lived from 1783-1868 gg. Place in northwest Missouri, where Joseph Robidoux established its trading post Blacksnake Hills, – a modern St. Joseph, Missouri, with a population of about 75 000 people.

During the years before the founding of one of the present day, the ten largest cities in Missouri Robidoux increased across the state St. Louis Louis, Missouri, where he had six brothers. From an early age, Joseph and his brothers learned the family business to trade fur father, who in the eighteenth century began to send Joseph up and down the Missouri River in adolescence, to hone their business.

Currently, the city of Chicago, Joseph Robidoux set up fur trading near the fort Derryborn, Illinois, but ironically his success has led to the death. According to legend, Joseph was so young businessman that older older men who practiced his craft, is not considered too kind to the young and the present set foot on their territory and ripped his established business. To correct the disorder, which caused Joseph locals Derryborn Fort persuaded local Indians threatened and worried about Joseph, while he was literally no end of town.

After retiring from Illinois, Joseph has established itself in modern Omaha, Nebraska, and moved with his second wife (after the death of his first wife in 1805 Eugenio) at a wedding in 1813 in Vaudreuil Angelica. Between the two marriages in Joseph had eight children (two from his first marriage and six on the other), and today the names of many children decorate some of the most commonly used streets in the city of St. Joseph, Missouri, which he eventually founded. Among the names of his children, who were immortalized streets named in their honor – Messana, Pharaoh Francis, Felix and Edmond. While these names may seem a bit outdated for most people in the twenty-first century, those who have spent a considerable amount of time around St. John Joseph, Missouri instantly recognize these names as one of the biggest streets in the town.

Joseph Robidoux sold his successful business on fur "Nebraska" trade in 1822 of "American fur" and decided to leave the territory after the motivation of the American Fur Company's annual fee of $ 1,000 to the implementation of the agreement on nekankurentsyi.

Spend time in St. Petersburg, Louis after the sale of his business the American Fur Company Robidoux was later hired by the American Fur Company, to open a retail outlet Blacksnake Hills in northwestern Missouri near Kansas City, and Joseph Robidoux laid the foundation for the town of Saint-Louis Joseph Missouri, which holds its namesake more than 150 years.

American place names in the United States

There are many places, including cities and states that have been named according to the names or the Indians. In fact, about 50% of states have been named using Indian words. In many of these places have names that we almost take for granted these days, and most people do not know about the origins of US natives.

A partial list of some well-known places in the United States and their significance for the Indians are listed below.

Alabama: from Choctaw word meaning "cleaner array" or "collector of vegetation"

Alaska: from aleutskaga word meaning "great land" or "the one on which the sea breaks"

Chicago: algankinskaga from the word that means "field garlic"

Illinois: algankinskaga from the word that means "tribe of the higher people '

Kansas: from the Sioux word that means "people of the south wind"

Kentucky, from the Iroquois word meaning "land of tomorrow"

MA: Masachusett from the word meaning "on a big hill or around"

Minnesota from the Dakota word meaning "sky with colored water"

Manhattan from algankuanskaga word that means "isolated thing in the water"

Milwaukee from algankianskaga word that means "a good place or a place"

Missouri: Missouri from the word meaning "town of the large canoes"

Nebraska: Oto from the word meaning "flat water"

North / South Dakota from Sioux word meaning "allies"

Ohio: from algankianskaga word that means "big river"

Oklahoma: Choctaw from two words, meaning "red people"

Saratoga: from Mohawk word meaning "water springs from the slope of the slope"

Tahoe Vasho from the word meaning "big water"

Utah from the Ute word meaning "people of the mountains"

Wyoming: the word Delaware, which means "mountains and valleys alternating"

Of course, there are many other examples. So next time when you see the name of city, town, village, state, lake, mountain or region, it may simply derives from the indigenous population.

To become a nurse in America

How many licenses do I need to be a nurse in America?

This is a question often asked by many nurses living in the US who want to become a nurse. In this article we will look at American Travel Nursing and licenses needed to become so.

In the US, the National Council of State Boards of nurses (NCSBN) has developed a plan, which they call "model of mutual recognition". This means that you will only need one license to conduct practice across national borders. There are other states that have adopted this model and have entered into a compact in which they agree to recognize nurses' licenses from other countries are also involved. Here are answers on some of the key issues relating to the scheme of mutual recognition of licenses.

1. How does the Interstate Agreement? It works the same way as a driver's license, because the nurse who, as they say, is licensed in Utah, could have to practice in any state that has passed this CD. But the nurse should carry the state in which it operates, nurse practitioners and other rules. It is therefore important that any nurse who works in another state, should know what it is before you start work.

2. Which countries are involved in the interstate agreement? Currently, 13 states are involved, and that Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. This means that any nurse from these states can legally engage in any of the others who are involved.

3. In accordance with the international treaties to need a nurse for more than one license to conduct training outside the country? The answer to this is that if your home state, and the state in which you want to do an internship, passed an interstate compact, you will have a license from your home state and you do not need for the state in which you work. However, if another country is not part of an interstate compact package, you will also need a license.

Let's hope that the answers given to the three questions above will give you a better idea of ​​what is required for American tourism. But if you want to know more, why not do a quick search on the internet to find out more.

Tips for getting good value aircraft

Without a doubt, I plan a trip by plane – one aspect of recreation planning, in which the majority of people clogged. Few people understand exactly how to get the best price when you try to book a flight, and they often lose money without planning properly. For this reason we have written this article to help you report what you need to do and what you should not do if you plan to travel by plane.

Once you have decided where you want to go, it is important to have as soon as the order to make a flight possible. Top discounts for airlines usually granted to those who will book at least 21 days before the flight.

To get the lowest price, make sure that your trip involves staying on a Saturday night at your destination. Ensure that the flight dates for a week to help limit for the flight costs.

Usually it is best to contact the Internet when searching for a ticket. There are several search engines airlines browsing airlines prices and provide the best prices on airline tickets.

If the time at which you take rest, with & # 39 is flexible, it is best to travel in the off-season. In addition, if you are flexible in that if you want the plane took off from the airport, you can save a good amount of money. Flights that leave very early in the morning, and those who depart late in the evening – on the price of admission, which is not likely to be filled and, therefore, cheaper.

If you are traveling on a long trip, and it does not seem that the rate is so low as it could be, try to buy two flights in the bilateral direction to the destination. For example, if you are traveling from New York to California, check whether there is some way to make the flight from New York to the middle point, for example, Nebraska, and then another flight from Nebraska to New York. This can often lead to great savings!

When booking a flight with a man ask him whether the tariff that it offers you, the best bet on the flight. The question never hurts, and sometimes they can offer you another option for a cheaper price.

If you stay in a hotel on vacation, check whether there is a travel plan for the package, which will help reduce the cost of airfare and hotel. Many hotels and airlines are working in tandem to offer customers the best deals who book both of them.

The choice of mobility that works for you

If you are tired of the lack of freedom and independence, or no longer wish to impose on friends and loved ones, then it's time to think about the possibilities of mobility. There are many different products that can help you find a greater sense of freedom. Over time, your disability will no longer bind you.

Perhaps you have already seen a scooter for mobility, and for very good reasons. These scooters come in various sizes and capacities, with some able to overcome a distance of over three miles. These scooters work well in urban settings, and they can make you all the best to keep a daily errands and pick up their own food, and everything in it there is no need for a car.

If you need to travel long distances, then you know what a pain it can be to rely on others. In addition, next to the inability to accommodate a wheelchair or scooter in a normal car. That's why there are several different types and styles available for wheelchairs. Many of these luxury minibuses and they have security and mobility features, including upgraded inter & # 39; er and useful manual control system or transplant seats. If you can not afford the most luxurious, you can also choose from the entry-level models.

Many of the dealers in Nebraska also offers second-hand vehicles, which might better suit your budget. These vans are available for people with disabilities, and sports trucks should always be checked and repaired, so that they provide better security.

Even when choosing a used vehicle with extended terms financing, buying a car can not fit into your budget. That's why many dealers and car rental agency in Nebraska offer minibus hire, accessible for wheelchairs. With this option you can plan a special trip and book a van accessible for wheelchairs hours or even days. You will no longer need to give up family trips or vacations, because you will be able to use under the & # 39; lift for wheelchair users and the mobility of goods, which are rolling in your van.

Contact rental agencies Nebraska trucks today to discuss prices and policies. You should not hesitate to request a demonstration and test drive, because it is very important that you understand the features of your car seat. You'll be on the way to freedom as soon as possible!

Popcorn Capital of the World

In the United States there are at least 6 towns and cities claim to be the "capital of the world's popcorn." Some of these settlements attributed this claim to the annual festival. It seems people always like to have a reason to patsanavats and popcorn – it agulnaamerykanski, cheerful and healthy subjects, to concentrate the party around. Let's quickly look at the world capitals of popcorn.

Most of the nation's popcorn is grown in Nebraska and Indiana, so it seems that the two cities that have reported this, with the & # 39 are in Indiana. Valparaiso, Indiana, every year spends a great festival called The Popcorn Festival, which honors SARS Redenbahera, a former resident who created there a factory of popcorn and took part in the annual parade most years until his death in 1995. Popcorn Orville Redenbacher – a well-known brand of popcorn. Van Buren, Indiana, also calls itself the capital of the popcorn in the world. The largest employer there with & # 39 is the company "Popcorn Weaver" and every August they spend popcorn festival.

Only one city in Nebraska received the title of capital of popcorn, and, apparently, it does not mark the title. At least I could not find any information about this. Flooding in June 2010 caused a lot of harm to the town, where a sample is platinum. Marion, Ohio, has also had the title name of the popcorn, but unfortunately, I could not find this story.

Another former title holder – Ridgway, Illinois. Now the plant is closed popcorn. The first day of popcorn took place in 1958, he continues to be celebrated in the framework Galatsina fair.

Shaler, Iowa, was founded in 1879 as a station for the railroad as it pushed westward across the country. In the mid-1900s, the main industry for the city was packing popcorn. Bangguo and Jolly Time – the two companies are located there, and it prompted the citizens to take the name of "Popcorn Capital of the World", but in the mid-1980s, the company moved to other places.

Names and festivals may change over the years, but the popcorn continues to be very popular snack that is enjoyed by millions of people.

Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge – Omaha, North Korea

"Praise the bridge that moved you"

George Coleman

Going through Blefs Tips for Business in 2007, I noticed an interesting structure, which is being built across the Missouri River from Omaha. Being curious, as always, and just under the & # 39; was moving from Kansas City, I decided to relax and get closer to check it out. I will never have the opportunity to come to the shore of one of the great rivers and meditate for a while, so I got out of the Interstate 29 on 9th Avenue in Blefs Council and made his way to the "Park of Friendship".

I parked the car in park and walked to the edge of the Missouri River, and on its shores, and looked at the structure, which takes the form of. two high towers were completed, and large cranes placed sections of the bridge deck. I told myself that I will need to go back and go through the bridge, when it ends.

Such an opportunity to & # 39 appeared in 2009, when I was passing through on the way to Omaha game in China with his son. We followed Interstate 480 in the city center of Omaha and making their way to Riverfront Drive for Qwest Center. We parked near the National Park Service – The headquarters of the Lewis and Clark-third at 601 Riverfront Drive. From there we went to the beautifully manicured trails Bob Kerry Bridge, increasing more and more, if you approach it from the south.

It is hard to imagine this place without a few construction details. The bridge was built in 2006-2008. September 13, 2008 held a big celebration when the bridge was baptized for the lack of a better term. This unique bridge – it's not a straight bridge deck, as most I've seen, but rather kryviz as a snake, when he crosses the river.

The bridge connects Omaha, Nebraska with Council Blefs, Iowa, and a length of 3000 feet from end to end, if it covers the Missouri River. It is named Nebraska Senator Bob Kerry, who provided the construction of $ 18 million for its construction. Upon its completion, it was the first pedestrian bridge that connected the two countries together.

The two towers of the bridge has a height of 210 feet, and they have a number of slots at the top, which has a programmable lights that are lit in different colors depending on the case. When I was there, they were all light green. The very deck of the bridge is 52 feet above the water and provides excellent viewing points along its entire length, from which you can see the river on the south and north and the skyline of downtown Omaha. The bridge connects the 150 miles of hiking trails and cycle paths on both sides of the Missouri River.

Bridge deck is attached to the towers a number of cables that go from the top of the towers in the conveyor configuration. This type of construction of the bridge is called "cable stayed – curve S". The deck of the bridge, 15 feet wide, tilted back and forth, as they say, imitates the meander of the Missouri River.

There are smart boards that tell about the Lewis and Clark expedition along the path that leads from the park headquarters to the bridge. When I stood in the middle of the bridge deck, looking at the water, I was somewhat fascinated swirls, eddies and waves chocolate Missouri and large snags which killed logs and trees from unknown places far upriver. I thought of Lewis, Clark and the Corps of Discovery as they made their way on this powerful unknown river and looking at the shore, asked how they could at any time to distract his barge because of tangled foliage and dirt. .

Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge – a great place from which to look at the river and think of all who came before, especially Indians and body openings. Another interesting topic in the vast and beautiful land called America.

Doggin "Geological Park" Toadstool ": hiking with his dog in the Nebraska Badlands &

America America got its ominous name when early settlers found it
it is impossible to safely roll the wagon on the compromised lunar landscapes of the Upper Midwest. Our most well-known finds are kept in the national parks Dakota – and beyond canine visitors.

To give the dog a chance to explore this unique country rock stucco,
heading south of the Dakota to the little-known trees Nebraska
Panhandle. Here at Gala national meadows, you will find comfortable for dogs
Geological Park toadstools, where there is water and wind tireless team
cut bizarre rock formations on the old hills.

Shape "toadstool", if the foundation of soft clay stone eroded more quickly than
hard sandstone covering. You can hike with a dog on the award-mile
interpretations of the loop, which leads you to the educational adventure through them
trees. Your dog is welcome on the hard rock, but you can also explore
Way for close-ups looking to the beams on the stones of fossil bones that Cord
rocks and 30,000,000th footprints preserved in rock.

There are a few stones that need to be scaled along the route, but by that tram
wrapped cliffs of clay and ash are suitable for any level of canine visitors. there is only
Sporadic shade and seasonal streams in this ancient riverbed bring a lot
water for your dog, especially during the summer months. Relax at the end of
hike to a small fenced yard reconstructed turf house near the parking

For long Toadstool Park dog hikes connected to the world-famous
Hudson-Meng Bison, brandy over three miles. This archaeological site is committed
solve the mystery of how the more than 600 bison killed nearly 10 000 years ago in the area
about the size of a football stadium. Human predator with & # 39 is the leading suspect.

Toadstool Geological Park is located 19 km northwest of Crawford, Nebraska, in the United States
Woodland path 904 from state highway 2/71. The trail starts behind the six-
camping units.