10 myths and theories about Stonehenge

During the last century, Stonehenge became a symbol of the United Kingdom, a place where every decent tourist considers as the debt to tear it to the background, as a proof of stay in this particular location.

I well remember my first impression of Stonehenge. Despite fierce reverence and joyful satisfaction of my children's dreams come true there, I felt a slight surprise. Roughly speaking, there are only a heap of huge stones that stand in the empty field, and are far from any settlements of places, but only to have to walk around them, not even touching, every day line up with the long queue, as if in the center of Salisbury Plain the great magician Merlin himself made the invention.

Only the British Isles, archaeologists have run across about 900 diminutive stone nest, not to mention countless similar prehistoric structures, found in Europe and Asia. Stonehenge is just the most grandiose and preserved to his time, in addition, he was engulfed in mystery. But as far as the puzzle is equal to the attractiveness of the majority of people, endless streams of tourists flowing into the plain of Salisbury, probably hoping that on the spot, she would go to them, why about 4,600 years ago someone put such a Herculean effort for the construction of Stonehenge.

I must say that over the past centuries has been considered by a number of different assumptions about the "who?" And "Why?" Built Stonehenge. Here are some myths and theories about Stonehenge:

1. Stonehenge with & # 39; was due to the Druids, who used it as a sacrificial shrine for the manufacture of their rituals. It was one of the first visions, refuted the development of science and technology. It has been shown that the Celts did not build any relationship to the construction of Stonehenge, as they came to the British Isles later than megalitanskiya design.

2. Stonehenge was built as a solar and lunar calendar, and it was a kind of astronomical observatories in the Bronze Age. And then the question arises: "Why build such a laborious calendar only to observe the Sun and the Moon? Why not watch it, leaving traces on any surface? "

3. Stonehendge illustrates a model of the solar system, whereby the system consists of 9 planets 12 instead.

4. As at the site of Stonehenge about 250 graves have been found, some scientists have concluded that this is the largest Neolithic cemetery and resting place for the elite of the time.

5. Proponents of this idea say that someone went their way 200 miles to bring this to a lot of big blocks with the Welsh mountains to the Salisbury Plain. Since the place was built Stonehenge, with a & # 39 is a so-called food place, a nice source of energy, where people feel an inexplicable surge of strength and recover from various illnesses. As evidence of this meeting were found with people with obvious body injuries that allegedly used a pilgrimage to the mysterious place in the hope to recover from their illnesses.

6. Stonehendge – no more than a smaller portal in parallel worlds. Some people believe that the Roman legions were destroyed by druids, they simply ran away to another dimension with the help of Stonehenge.

7. Stonehenge was created by an alien civilization as a message to people that will be deciphered when humanity will be ready for this.

8. Stonehenge … hmm … a few vagina Neolithic monument incarnation of the cult of mother goddess. In accordance with this bold theory altar stone – is none other than the clitoris.

9. There is a perception that the British Isles were formerly part of the mountain of the sunken Atlantis. Atlantic, which could affect the wave nature of things, and because of that suffered heavy monoliths erected Stonehenge as one of the many temples of the sun cult.

10 Stonehenge – a testing ground for alien ships, the original radar, which shows your heading due to concentrated there and a very strong magnetic energy canal Earth. In favor of this theory is the fact that Stonehenge plates consist of quartz. This mineral is well known for its characteristic emanation of radio waves, which makes the megaliths a real radio-transmitter. A magnetic anomalies, as well as the appearance of a UFO with their associated wheels crop – quite frequent from & # 39; reality in the Stonehenge area.

While we advance hypotheses about the nature of Stonehenge, it is becoming increasingly popular, and creates a certain amount of peculiar imitations. So in the state Meryhil, Washington State, a copy of Stonehenge was built in the early 20th century, and more precisely the interpretation of Stonehenge during his razkvitu, before it destroyed people and time. In America in Nebraska has its own Karhenzh, and perhaps in the distant future, someone will ask yourself why all these wonderful 20th century means of transport come together.

Dakota Cub & Extended Slotted Wing

On flight safety – is what pilots say. They live it, accept it, and are always looking to select it in everyday life in the aviation world. For fanatics Super Cub Extended Slotted Wing from Dakota Cub offers pilots the opportunity to increase the margin of safety, and improve aircraft performance while lifting.

Imagine flying a Super Cub with a high angle of attack speed run at a speed of 20 miles / hour, then throw 60 degrees and begin to climb the spiral, selecting the power setting of less than full throttle! This is a typical exhibition, which sells extended slotted wing Dakota Cub. The second, referred to as this wing, with 39 & # is a possibility of full control over the flight at high angles of attack. No more soft controls, slapping down a wing drop at the stall.

Mark Erickson, founder Dakota Cub, began his mission in the 1990s. All he wanted was a cub ribs. None of the Piper was not available at a reasonable price, and since the ribs Piper was so frail, he decided to build his own. He used modern technology to the old Piper wings, which were originally developed for version connection YL-14 cube J5C. YL-14 wing was winged. According to Erikson, the end of World War II, only 14 of these aircraft were built. They have been specifically designed for short take-off at 100 feet and rises to a high angle of attack. Today, in the air there are only two – one in Spain; second in Nebraska.

Compared with the original wing of the cube and the wing L-14 in the extended wing Dakota Cub there are several variations. Eriksson revised initial wings Piper US35B, used for L-fourteenth He has developed a custom extrusion in the form of a "T" with the same dimensions as when used in the construction of the ribs in the rafters style lighter, easier to use and more durable than the original wing. Ericsson has received STC for a new wing in 1993.

New rib Eriksson only adds seven pounds to the weight of each original wing Peiper. The new wing was subjected to structural verification of access of 2,200 pounds, but the STC limit gross weight up to 1,750 pounds for the original wing or 2000 pounds for the wings equipped with STC Wipaire One Ton Cub. Let us hope that this artificial decline will be changed in the future. In subsequent years, Ericsson has developed a lot of ribs and other parts that a & # 39 are FAA PMA-ed to all rag wings. Erickson was granted STC for a full-length slots for the leading edge in 1998. This slot boundary layer helps to keep the air flow at low velocities. Furthermore, Ericsson is created in a wing box and disposed of bow tip wing giving an additional 6% of the surface area by increasing the flap, resulting in a 44% greater leaf area elenrony and pushed outwards by 23 inches and the edge of the wing. He calls it "the extended wing." Wing square adds about 8 pounds to the original wing of the Piper.

Adding slot in the elongated wing adds nine more pounds on the wing, but increased the protective envelope, from which you can fly, also should be a compromise. wing flight characteristics, located in the slot and the slot, which Erikson calls "an elongated slit-wing", with the & # 39 is a major advantage and focus on the election of the wings, you want to include in your project Cub. Advanced shchylinavae wing – this is the best wing proposed Dakota Cube. It has a 135-inch slot, the wing disposed in failure, with the 102-inch aileron and flap 90.25 inches. Dakota Cub also offers standard Cub wing and wing down without a slit.

Shchylinavae elongated wing – it's just a more secure wing. This allows a higher critical angle of attack, stall speed is less traffic and virtually eliminates the loss of sharp rise in direct contrast to the wing. This delays the separation of the airflow from the wing surface, hence power ailerons conserved and in many cases the only sign of the stall state is decent rate over normal. This is a & # 39; reality allows to control the sink rate of the aircraft when landing in a single output that can more accurately determine the point of landing without fear fork wing or fall to one side. The wing also has an improved twist rate through the expansion ailerons to the wing tip.

If you want to take full advantage of the extended slot on your Super Cub, it is recommended to install 3-inch extension programs. The expansion of transmission allows maximum speed capabilities of the wing to get the full effect when landing. This will be provided and the larger tires. Short transfer in conjunction with a few tires will lead to the first landing and take-off of the tail wheel, which is longer than optimal, because to achieve this greater angle of attack more difficult.

The end result of all these innovations with the & # 39 is a Cub, which has the best characteristics of the lift, the best conch control, slower landing and a much greater margin of safety. The fuselage with a wider body Airframes, Inc has advanced fuselage, and if it is combined with large control surfaces and the socket, the pilot can fly under the influence of 45 degrees on the nose landing nodes 25 and still have a wing that hangs in the air.


Facebook’s Caliber chief said the recent merger of the seven companies with the Crime Association has had some impact on the project.

Deciduous can still run the spoon
In an interview with Yahoo Finance on October 15, David Marcus of Caliber claims that the Facebook crypto project is “really not” in danger of PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, eBay, Mercado Pago and by Boxing leaving Libra.

Marcus emphasized that companies outside the official union could still offer platform services:

“One thing that is not well understood is that you do not need to be a member of the Libra Association to establish services and products. Therefore, if Visa and MasterCard want to pull cards for scales later, they can still do so without the members of the association.”

Caliber executives reiterated their respect for the seven companies’ decisions to step down from the project and thanked companies for the courage to “potentially unravel” themselves.

Marcos said he understands companies have a responsibility to their shareholders who “put a lot of pressure”.


Deportation is not related to regulatory concerns
Marcus said the departure of the seven companies has nothing to do with regulatory issues, as the Libra project “has all the regulatory requirements and oversight of this function.”

However, management acknowledged that the process around Libra will continue to be difficult and aggravated until simplified, and that the members of the association must possess the passion, energy and power to move forward.

The news comes after Libra was officially established in Geneva, Switzerland, on October 14, with the remaining 21 first members, including Uber, Lyft, Coinbase, Spotify and Vodafone.

Libra is reportedly hoping to attract 100 members before its public launch by 2020.

Meanwhile, US President Warren Davidson recently said that Facebook has added another bitcoin (BTC) diameter to create a new

Why Omaha will be great for NFL teams

NFL – is a growing sport that continues to expand its horizons and the door to new markets. Twenty years ago, NFL expanded its markets in the Carolinas, creating Karolinska Panthers and North Florida, creating Jaguon Jacksonville. In the near future NFL may decide to re-expand to new markets across the country. In this article I will discuss why Omaha will be a great market for a new NFL franchise.

Omaha has a strong culture of steak

One of the wonderful view associations with football – it's food. People like to eat different kinds of food, watching the game, whether at home or living in the game. Among these foods, there are different kinds of meat and various cuts of meat, themselves or on sandwiches. Omaha is not surprising, when it comes to the production of meat.

Omaha is well known for its variety of steaks and steak house around the area. Fans out there would not want anything else how to enjoy a pleasant juicy steak or steak cut during the game. For fans of hardcore it makes sense to be able to fry a delicious juicy steak as part of the tailgate before the big game or enjoy a steak from the convenience of your own home near the stadium. It would be ideal for the NFL franchise as Omaha serves fans of hardcore NFL, which there are many throughout the country.

Omaha already has a strong sports culture

University of Nebraska, which is an hour's drive from Omaha, have a history of college football program, as well as a solid fan base. Omaha is also a & # 39 is home to the World World Series. Fans, of course, are ready to accept your NFL team to see what they might not have very far. Having such a good fan base, it makes sense in the near future to create in Omaha NFL team.

This will open the door for fans on average US northwest

North-west, which includes the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas, with & # 39 is one of the largest regions of the US, which has no neighbor command. Arrival Sihaks Seattle in 1976 helped set the fan base in the northwest Pacific Ocean in states such as Washington, Oregon and Idaho. However, in the north-west there is a lot of states, such as Montana, Wyoming and Dakota who feel abandoned because they have nowhere near the NFL team. Presence in the team gives Omaha States team cheer, and perhaps make the trip.

Sail, scuba and safaris – Discover Komodo National Park, Indonesia

On Komodo National Park land – an island archipelago-colored arid terrains similar to savannas, and proud home to the largest lizards in the world – the legendary dragon or teams. By Sea National Park forms the summit of the world's marine biodiversity, giving more species of coral and fish than anywhere else in the world. Combine the two safari amphibians, and you have a dream of adventure lovers! The only problem – it is there.

All aboard! Renovated, living aboard a pirate ship provided the regime, while seven wishing to travel, two dive masters, three captains and one cook have provided funds. The luxury of an en-suite "open-air", a large wooden couch, sleeping accommodations in two & # 39; bunk-style and, of course, FOOD – exotic fruits, svezhazalazhanyya seafood and fragrant Indonesian staples, cooked the best chef of these seas, ever You know.

Floating islands of Gili east, along the northern coast and Lambok Sumbavskih islands, our first three days at sea did not see anything but smooth sailing, and excellent scuba diving. Less technical nature, but is unrivaled in beauty, each dive made it possible to sharpen the skills in preparation for what was to come.

Journey to a confusing flow of water National Park or instructions destroys whirlpools and fast tides. Nightmare and navigator navigator navigator if we broke the threshold of the park, there was no back!

A major failure of our dive master was simple: "If we get into the water, you will be alone." In principle, if the currents have thrown you to the dive site or flows down attracted you further into the depths, the dive master was not performed. Comforting, right?

Castle Rock, the top of a reef that rests about 80 feet below the surface, was my favorite of the series of dives. In carrying out the so-called negative record, at a time when we broke the plane of the water, needed vigorous floating down. The fierce current and poor visibility have made every effort to confuse my descent, but after a few minutes of vigorous swimming and rushed equation I saw the website!

Jackpot! Uh, more like a shark. As I understood from the buoyancy, three white reef sharks sakretsili me. Sleeping directly under the fins, I thanked my lucky stars for good buoyancy – otherwise I would have landed in the middle of their bedroom. Carefully managing a shark alley, the show went on, when dozens of black and white reef sharks appeared from the sea with a thick blue haze. They learn first by the brilliant white "smiles", and then on visible dorsal fins that come back around. Fascinated by a dizzying series of teeth and pahaladalymi views, I was quickly frozen on performance for the most exciting dives of my life.

After surviving the Dragons from the bottom of drawers, it is time to challenge his cousin above. Size of about 8 feet, weighing more than 200 pounds, and sports for about 60 teeth, Komodo dragons are thousands of years of adaptation of prey. Like sharks, teeth severed and regularly replace itself to provide opportunities flesh tear.

Like snakes, Komodo dragons have a net jaw, which allows to consume large prey. And like alligators, dragons can bring down prey 10 times their size. This is due to a characteristic feature clearly Komodo – virulent, deadly bacteria that is injected only one bite. As soon as the poison travels through the bloodstream, production becomes weak and eventually goes to the nearest watering for recovery. Dragons know, but the recovery will be. Located at the aqueduct, dragons patiently waiting until the animal suffocates from death before finishing the deal with the & # 39; eating everything except the occasional skull or antlers.

Knowing very little about these creatures before the trip, I set foot on the island market with a cheerful, green briskly. Almost slipped down the dusty path to the building of the park reserve, I was shocked to discover a selection committee composed of numerous dragons. Hanging under the shade of a few huts raised dragons watched our every move. Overcome with rough scales with a clear Jurassic building, it seemed to me that we are looking at a piece of the past – the oldest living descendant of dinosaurs. They are silent, stoic and unmoving, they could be represented in the parched landscape, if not one of their recurring vital sign – a long, snake-like language that is blinking, licking his chops, ready for the next inevitable food.

Contacting a local guide on tours of the island, our only form of protection came into his 5-foot-nothing frame impregnated wet-ten dollars and a long, thrown on the wishes of the stick. He assured us safe, but when we opened the first water buffalo skull, my heart sank. The reality of what we were doing, peramyvala. Dragons may seem slow with painstaking four-legged stand, but their lightning-quick reflexes and toxic bite should not be underestimated. Some razgalilisya the rocks, sun-drenched, while others waited patiently in the dry bush. But each of the dragon, which was seen, it was one thing in common – they are never separated from our eyes!

After eight days at sea, a dozen world-class scuba diving and trips to see the sad dragon, we dropped anchor on the islands of Gili $ 1,000 poorer. But we felt a million times richer experience all the wonders of Komodo National Park the most spectacular way!

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Best Cities in the US

If you are looking for a job in the United States, it is important to first study the market. It is essential that you choose not only the right field for work, but also the right place and the city. Below is a list of the best cities in the US, who will work in the next few years. These cities offer higher employment opportunities waiting for achieving high economic growth.

Logan, Utah

The geographical location of Utah, connecting it with the major metropolitan nets, creates great opportunities for working in government, business partnerships, and educational fields. Utah also shows the enormous new opportunities for business and work, thus creating a new category of jobs.

Casper, Wyoming

If you are in the field of nursing, Casper – the best city for you. C & # 39 As one of the best cities in the running for the last 8 years in the US, it provides excellent opportunities for professional nurses, licensed and registered nurses. Travel nursing – one of the best ways to start a car & # 39; a career in Casper.

Bismarck, North Dakota

Western North Dakota offers a lucrative job in the oil industry. Bismarck, who is considered one of the best cities for people search, records one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the US.

Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo-Moorhead metro is profitable car & # 39; ernyya forecasts at least until 2016. Providing tremendous growth in the specialized fields of life sciences, information technology, engineering, and physical sciences, Fargo – this is the best city that pays for professionals.

Iowa City, Iowa

The birthplace of various medical and educational institutions such as the Medical Center of the US veterans, Pearson Education, hospitals and Iowa Clinic, University of Iowa, American Test and other college, Iowa offers a great opportunity for the car & # 39; ernaga growth and the growth of people in the medical field. Iowa's economy, which develops, leading to more new work opportunities and growth prospects.

The review: Great Plains, Ian Frazer

“Far from the great American plains to the west of the boundless prairies of short grass, which is now largely plowed! Next to the still empty land outside newsstands and shopping centers and restaurants velvet rope!”

Thus begins the Great Plains, the examination in 1989 in America. The vast interior space of the plains and prairies that Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from Canada in the north to the south of Texas panzhale.
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Throwing a length of about 2,500 miles and 600 miles at its widest point, the Great Plains cover a part of the Canadian province of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as part of the US states of Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico Oklahoma and Texas.
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Part history, part travel, part of an extended trip on the road, the Great Plain has the grandeur and scale of the very border, killed in his concise 214 pages of main text – it does not mean feat, let me tell you.
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Before he wrote this book, Ian Frazer flew about 25,000 miles across the plains – from Montana to Texas and back. Twice. Like many short distances. It meanders took him from an abandoned missile command center of a ballistic missile in a remote Montana, to the exact location of car immersion Bonnet and Clyde in the Red River; Sitting on the camp’s location on bull Great River to the site of the last Bonfire at Little Big Horn; Fort Union in North Dakota to Fort Stockton, Texas.
frontier air
It is no accident in this book are so many rivers – even as the peripheral & # 39, Great Plains is sometimes so dry and barren, that in the early years of exploration of them was known as the Great American Desert. For the early settlers – as Native Americans – was the point of building their fortresses and villages, their towns and cities on the banks of any river, big enough to provide the public the source of life-giving water and food.
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It is no coincidence that the history of conflicts between Indians and settlers, the Indians maintained throughout the Great Plains. Fraser manages to study the murder of millions of bison, betrayal and death of Crazy Horse, as well as to meet and mix with the numerous descendants of the great warriors of the past, when it bypasses this huge space.
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All the great heroes here; brawlers and arandatoryi, mountain men and fur adlovshchyki, libertines and bandits, cowboys and Indians, railroad barons, oil, coal miners and more. You can meet a large and humble, rich and poor, immigrant Germans and former slaves of the South Black Sea, as well as the men and women who have fought for generations (and still struggling), to make the Great Plains some life.
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Ian Frazer is obviously in love with the great plain, its history and a huge warehouse of fairy-tale characters – both modern and ancient. As an introduction to this large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland and open space of the Great Plains from & # 39 are entertainment and educational filled understanding obscure historical facts and directories and, ultimately, to read obscure.
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Finally, the book is well indexed, it includes 16 pages of black-and-white photographs and has almost 70 pages broad notes that complement the main text. Highly recommended.

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Think Space and Bill Gates

Space Adventures, which conducted the orbital space flights for the “space tourists” from 2001 – the only company to date that conducts space trip for amateur astronauts, including Charles Simonyi and four others who have signed up for space walks.
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As stated in the previous article, Simon paid about $ 20 million to $ 25 million for a 13-day trip to the international space station, with “Space Adventure” and the Russian Federal Space Agency, on the & # 39; united to make the trip possible.
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The Russian news agency “Interfax” reports that the expedition commander Fyodor Yurchyhin and Charles Simonyi discussed the possibility that billionaire Bill Gates is considering an opportunity to travel to space travel. Stacey tour, a spokeswoman for Space Adventures, said that Gates had not yet contacted the company about the possibility of orbital space flight, but the company already has in mind the place and could soon to & # 39 appears on the next client.
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The world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, famous for his extreme theories about the origin of the universe and black holes, and has set a goal to make a trip on a rocket to the boundary of space, possibly on a ship designed Virgin Galactic, an airplane flight with zero gravity in April 2007, conducted by Zero the Gravity, during which Hawking experienced weightlessness tested orbiting astronauts, was a test run for possible future space flight.
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Traveling with zero force Hawking has been slightly changed to ensure its frail state to the shorter periods of weightlessness and a little more easily deduced from the aircraft descent. Four doctors and two nurses monitored vital signs throughout the flight, and the safety equipment is on board. Flying with zero gravity succeeded: Hawking was negotiating to take eight revolutions instead of the planned six, and perform gymnastic turns in the air.
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Hawking said he hoped that his space flight will promote commercial space travel, which he considers a necessary next step in the future of mankind. He often expressed the opinion that “life on earth has come under increasing risk of extinction disaster such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers.
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” Only with the help of private companies that make the commercial space travel, can permanently transfer a portion of the human race from the planet to ensure the survival of the human species in the case of a global catastrophe on Earth. Space tourists such as Charles Simon, Stephen Hawking and perhaps Bill Gates to help realize this dream.

Find Cheap Hotels Nearby

How to change the travel fashion industry

The answer to the question of how the journey in the fashion industry & # 39; easy!

If Asian tourists with a high socio-economic status is going to the US and shops of fashion accessories; they bring with them the international market. If they attract the attention of leading fashion brands, they satisfy their needs by these brands. These brands are seeing the effect of the growth of tourism, we began to create unique marketing company, providing its international customers. They could provide people with special deals, personal shoppers or even language interpreters to help the growth of the market in their country. Thus, in this article we will discuss in detail on this subject!

The travel industry and social media is changing the fashion industry:

Currently, the opportunity to reach their target audience through the Internet is more important than anything else!

If the brand does not, see Suras & # 39; significant decline in sales. This can be through social media and digital marketing and e-commerce, but the new revolution of the fashion industry – is how the Internet known your brand. Models, makeup artists, stylists and producers hired more for influence in social media than their talents. The more followers in Instagram or Twitter, the more your brand will sell. This new formula, which reworks the fashion industry.

Brands that continue to adhere to traditional marketing style, lose their relevance in the industry and sales. Three out of four customers tend to buy brand products, seeing it or hearing about it on the Internet. Social media are transforming the fashion industry, because now people want to experience firsthand what they buy through Snapchats or Tweets on the Internet. If the consumer does not find the desired brand online, he goes to the next big brand, which is located on the Internet, and performs their wishes.

Today, the social status of a person is determined by their extravagant travel and experiences, rather than Jimmy Choos, they wear or bags that they carry. We are talking about the great adventures in foreign countries, and not about how much you spend on a watch or clothing. In the fashion industry there was a break that led to a shift in how they do things now. Designers and brands around the world are trying to change yourself, to be able to fit into a new demographic trends. In this way, travel changing fashion industry. Chinese tourists made about a record 229 billion dollars for the purchase of expensive items in 2015. But with the new wave of advantages directions to great products, brands have begun to adapt the same trend. Now they are trying to get to the various regions of the world, selling his company in such a way as to gain experience & # 39; will of the people. These are just some of the ways high-end travel to rework the fashion industry!

New hotel brand remaking tourism industry:

At the present time, with a & # 39; advent of travelers in each industry has become a new trend to produce new varieties in the hotel business for large hotel companies. They are branding existing hotels with new portfolios. This has become a new business strategy, where they offer you breathtaking designs, sophisticated menu items, bright artwork and a focus on local cultures. These new brands offer a new way to experience the hotel. They all promise the uniqueness of staying in line with their quality and service. Below is a list of hotels that have tried to collect a combination of reliable quality and exclusive experience.

Hotels AC: Marriott:

They are a collection of hotels, design-oriented, and these hotels provide guests with vigorous atmospheric hall. They are located in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, and more recently in New Orleans. Mainly for travelers who want to stay at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in the town.

Canopy by Hilton:

They are on the & # 39; combined the charm of the newly constructed and renovated buildings. Their structures have an impact on local level and are essential. They are also registered in the neighborhoods Pearl District in Oregon, Portland, Ithaca, the Company in the State of New York and downtown Nashville. Mainly for travelers wishing to relax, try a beer and relax.

Hotels and resorts Cordy:

They are a collection of exquisite hotels with exceptional architecture and design of Langham Hospitality Group. They have recently opened this summer in Hong Kong The Langham Place Mongkok. They also plan to open in China, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Bali, Sri Lanka, Los Angeles, London and Orlando. It is designed for travelers who are absent in the affairs, but also want and luxury!

Curio Hilton collection:

This is a series of hotels with five and four stars with unique qualities in the world. Curio hotels are making places such as the SLS Las Vegas; Highland, Dallas; Hotel Franklin, Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Biltmor Providence, Rhode Island; and Diplomat Resort and Spa Hollywood, Florida. Next will be in Portland, Oregon; Sarasota, Florida; X & # 39; Euston and Doha, Qatar. It is designed for business travelers who require luxury Hilton, along with new and unique luxury.

EVEN Hotels:

This hotel by hotel group Inter Continental, mindful of health and the health. They provide yoga mats inside your room, organic and fresh food, and so on. Their locations are now in Rockville, Maryland, and Norwalk, Connecticut, but they were quickly opened in the east of Midtown West Midtown and Brooklyn in New York. These hotels are designed to the people a high level of IHH, which is likely, would not be in an ugly place and waited for the usual luxury and comfort.

Urban graduates:

This stylish, unusual items of property, which provide shelter for the family & # 39; and and teachers who attend the college. They could be found in the Graduate Tempe, Arizona and the Graduate Athens near the University of Georgia. In a short time they will be opened in Oxford, Mississippi; Madison, Wisconsin; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Sharlotsvil, Virginia. It is a certain modernization of hotels with poor service!

Great Reportage 12: 9 week

Defining week for the Big 12 last week when Texas continues to ride and even went into the rating BCS after hit after it is ranked # 8 Texas Tech in Austin, obviously sending a message the rest of the Great 12 to the south and the north, they – the big boys on the block and the main rival of the national title. The end date of the season at Texas A & M at College Station looms large, but Texas is amplified in the championship of the Great 12, regardless of the outcome of this game, and should destroy all who take the North Division.

The picture has become more expressive in the North last week, when the whole world is Missouri QB Brad Smith confused by Nebraska and created more than 450 yards of offense in the explosion of the Husker, which were down 21, tied it at half-time and then pulled the Tigers Claws and it was a track for Brad Smith. This week in the state of Lincoln Nebraska takes Oklahoma, and rival North title Colorado put Kansas Bouldery dramatic way 44-13 and go to Manhattan Kansas to take on staff Uayldkans, who descended into the flames at Texas A & M last week only two points in garelni. It appears as Missouri and Colorado race to the finish line in the North, as in Buffalo at home in Nebraska the day after the turkey and it is a huge plus for them. Stay tuned for the race in second place in the south should be good with Texas Tech and Texas A & M. Here are some steps in the Big 12 this weekend

Colorado -7 @ Kansas State

KLYUCHNAYA game in Buffalo, and they would be & # 39; are on all cylinders in the crime now, exposing 44 more than respectable Protection Kansas last week as QB Joel Klatt continues his success with a 62% -s' level of completion and 12 TD against just 4 choices per year, which is much better than K State QB Allan Everidge, which has just over 800 yards per year, with 5 the TD, and QB Webb, who the best runner, the two swapped playing time to find the right mix. The key to the end of the K-State with & # 39 is an average of only 58 yards rushing per game which in the last 3, which means a complex defensive line almost the entire game. Buffy can earn points in a hurry with a strong trio of receivers and the QB excellent, and I'm looking for a 10-point victory over Buffalo here as K State fights and eliminates the 2 straight losses, resulting in a 89-48.

Missouri -5.5 vs. Kansas

For those of you who do not know, it's a huge rivalry in football in the Great 12, which returns to the Great 8 days. Dish disconnected from a huge victory in Nebraska, and even better for this scenario, avenging the loss of Kansas back and playing with double revenge. Crime tigers QB Smith at the helm with a & # 39 is tough, and spread an attack can strike quickly, as evidenced by their balanced attack and distributing more than 540 yards of offense per game in their last 3, against the likes of Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma on road. Kansas just can not trade punches here, and crime by an average of almost 300 yards per game compared to the tigers, which must avenge Kansas this week with confidence. Brad Smith again changed the situation, plus WR & Missou are larger than 6 "and" 3 "or higher, which creates a wrong comparison with smaller databases.

Nebraska vs. -1.5 in May Aklahoma- functional 12 games TYDENNYA

Texas Tech -10 @ Baylor

I feel for the bears the Baylor, as they surprised even themselves this season, even when recording a 4-3, but fatigue will be the main this week in Waco, if they take for themselves time & # 39; furiously Texas team Those who built Texas last week in a huge loss in Austin. The truth is that Baylor retreated from the loss of Oklahoma, Nebraska beating the week before, and the Red Raiders seeking to score here are some points for the Bears it will be a long day, and I see that they have the worst loss of the season on Saturday. I would note that the "Bears" is not out of & # 39 are a good team out of the red zone and the head coach of "raider" Mike Leach will take a lot of chances in this game.

That is, this week in the Big 12, be sure and follow the report on the following weeks, and a large number of awards winners playing in the Big 12 each and every week.