Lou’s Beer Garden, where beer grows


If the definition of Horticulturist is one that works in the fields of plant propagation, cultivation, cultivation and plant reproduction, then a “hop-cultivator” would be a Beer-Master beer-breeder in his field.

This is exactly who and what Lou Ramirez is? Extremely responsible for Miami Beaches beers. Chef and beer lover Luis Ramirez is the person behind this hip and a very unique homonym, Lou’s Beer Garden, where all the delicious things are multiplied and cultivated.

Last Saturday night I had the special pleasure of hanging out with the mayor of South Florida himself, ER Gagit and his charming wife at Lou’s Beer Garden. When the “Mayor” says we will see this new place, go. do not ask why it will undoubtedly be an experience. And what a night it was! Lou’s Beer Garden is definitely where the locals go. It is very cool, hip and very friendly.

We first started with a beer flavor from around the world each exotic and wild like its name, Dead Guy Ale, LongBoard, Pilsner Urquell, Double Arrogant Bastard, Raison D’Etre. The Mayor’s wife and wimped out and stuck with Shock Principle for the night, however, the Mayor in the true form literally added hair to his chest with his choices being a double Arrogant Bastard, Dead Guy Ale and old Tamber E.S.A.

For our Scottish food, we started with the special Belgian Lou potatoes and a round made to order a bowl of Bisque shrimp. Both starters were perfect! Who would ever believe a “gourmet specialty” in a beer garden hidden behind a non-historic deco hotel in the North Shores area? Pearls are always hidden in the oyster!

We had Burgers, Pizza and Tripe for dinner. The burgers and pizza are wonderful and typical “Beer Garden” food as one would expect, but Tripe? Another ruthless surprise of this hideout-beer-gastronomic pub in Miami Beach. So many blue bolts here at Lou’s Beer Garden and I would venture to say that these are everyday incidents at Lou’s and you have to check them yourself to really experience it. They are where the locals go and even if you are not, they welcome you with open arms and huge smiles. We invite you to sit in their garden, have fun and have a beer with them; they’ll even throw a grill burger for you, the hidden hospitality here at Lou’s Beer Garden just doesn’t get any better than that. Whether you are from Minnesota, Montana, Maine or Miami, you will be treated like a neighbor next to Lou’s Beer Garden.