Social tendencies – Reflecting changes in consciousness


In 1996, when the Internet was just a topic of discussion among everyday people, I lived in a stone cottage in the Cuyamaca Mountains of San Diego in State Park. A friend and I were discussing this new phenomenon and I was quite ignorant. When my friend said, “Sit down, it’s about consciousness,” I immediately realized the value of the Internet.

“Wow,” I thought, “communication from mind to faceless mind to bypass one’s perception or judge for a thought.”

Within a few months I bought my first laptop and was connected. I didn’t look back. In fact, the Internet and all technology are two things I constantly list in my daily practice of “appreciation.”

I remember living on the ranch in Montana and I wish there was a way to live in this beautiful place and be a professional. Well, voila! Ask and it is given.

More recently, the phenomenon of social networking sites. I have to admit that I have been dragging my feet on it for a long time (technology-life time). Initially, the only site that followed was My Space, which the kids seemed to “get” right away. Being a fairly private person, I just couldn’t imagine putting my “profile”, let alone my thoughts out there to read, edit and pass the whole world. Then, rapid succession, Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter made their debut with others. I owe it to my friends who pulled me unreservedly into the 21st century.

I have spent a lot of time reading and researching these media, because for the most part I am skeptical, shy and private. Most of the time I have come across social networking sites about growing a business and here I admit a huge doubt. Where motivation is motivation, I usually stop before I follow the possibility of a cliff.

My first access to a social networking site was Linked-In. A friend invited me, so I went in. My reservations were: how long will it take and the simple publication of my business events on the internet does not record Who I Am. However, I dipped my toes in this strange water. It turns out that it doesn’t take much time, but the strangest thing happened, people I didn’t know started asking me to connect them. At the same time, on another networking site, I received requests to “suggest” people. My reaction was to answer them, “I would like to suggest to you, but it is my policy to really KNOW. Do not hesitate to contact me and meet first.” As you can imagine, no one took the time to call me. It seemed like a number game. completely dishonest and not real. I could say that on this site, I still maintain this policy.

At about the same time, I joined Facebook and Twitter, once again because of friends. Initially I had a very short profile and I didn’t spend any time actively with them. Then the Universe sent me another angel to explain the obvious to the indefinite – me. This angel said, “Sit down, these are the places where you can really get to know people and get to know them.” A similar version of my first friend’s statement of consciousness. With this Cosmic blow upside down, I began to understand …

Perspective is a wonderful thing. When you can stand far enough away from something, you start to see the bigger picture and what’s really going on. So I stood on my mental ladder and started looking at the social networking image and here I see it.

The most obvious thing I see is that people need to connect and communicate with each other. To a lesser extent, I like that people reject TV and the ads that tell them how to think about an issue they “want” to think about. Occasionally I have the opportunity to watch commercial TV, as when I’m in the gym, I see a publicity stunt. Here is this disease (plant the seed) and when you get it ask your doctor about this medicine (direct the lemon). Arg. I saw an ad the other day about high fructose corn syrup and why it’s good for you. Double Arg. So when I heard a prediction that in 2009 that TV viewing would be reduced by 15% in favor of social networking, I started smiling. It’s not often people who come my way and stop watching TV.

Secondly, I can see from a broader perspective that this is a whiplash reaction to the impersonal distance that companies, companies and others have created in the last years of the telephone tree. You can’t talk to a real person, and if you have someone, they probably don’t know how to help you, let alone have the inspiration and desire to really listen to you. We have been seriously lacking at Real for a long time. You do not believe me; Try talking to someone about your mortgage or insurance needs. They are robots and cars that could care less. So here’s social networking, in seconds you can post your answer to what you’re doing. Are you looking for a bank that does personal service? Your fans can invite you and guide you through their personal experience. Searching for the latest natural cure for cancer, Twitter and see how many hearts help you.

This is the contact between people once again, mixed only for a global era. How COOL is that? We don’t need to talk to the answer given to us by the banker or the insurance agent or the doctor and swallow that if he doesn’t feel right, we can go to our “extended, extended, extended family” and reach the time and space for more and better.

Third, we are completely transparent in the world. That’s a good thing. One of the main things that brought us to such a disabled state as a nation is the concept of “hidden agenda”. We hear the obvious words and have not heard the spinning message. Can you tell, why is it different? It is very difficult to be something artificial over time. You may want to hide some aspect of what you really like, but when you do Twitter or talk to others on Facebook, your true colors finally shine either from what you say, from the way you say it, or from the nature of friends and fans. you collect. All this is governed by the universal law of attraction and you cannot falsify it here. So, in a very subtle way, the explosion of social networking sites is also a return to our desire for the Truth.

Finally, it is the expression of Who We Really Are and contributes to the world. We see and hear. We can show our uniqueness and offer it to the wonderful soup mix of the world, which is all we came to do … play with everyone else.

Even if we use it to market our business, a gizmo, a widget or a service, we inherently demonstrate our own existence in the world, offering it as we said, before landing here. But one thing is for sure, we communicate from person to person, Spirit to Spirit once again. Amen to that.