Sofa fabric for comfort and rich luxury look


A sofa in your living room is an expensive investment. If you are buying a new sofa, you will consider its design and wallpaper, so crucial to the transformation of the decor. Aesthetics are vital. Equally important is the choice of sofa fabric with the use in mind, the image you want to project and of course the cost. Wallpaper can range from budget to extremely expensive. For most people a balance between the two projects.

If you have children at home and your family members make heavy use of the sofa, you may want a thick, durable fabric that will have a lot of abuse, leaks and stains, but will be easy to clean and maintain. You will want a fabric that will stay fresh and look good for years without any signs of wear. In such cases, the best fabrics are the rotating tape, a hard upholstery fabric made of polyester yarn with texture. It has medium weight, tight weave, does not attract dust and looks great.

The simple matte fabric is also ideal for use as a sofa fabric, especially in cases of heavy use. The textured texture gives your sofa a rich look and you won’t notice any body marks. An alternative is the small dot fabric which gives a unique look with the distinctive dot patterns. This durable and durable polyester fabric resists abrasion, mildew and staining. Both are ideal if you have a budget or need to replace wallpaper in a few years due to heavy use by family members.

If the decor is important and you have to convey an impression of luxury and elegance, there are several options open to you. You could consider the material of microfibers, silk, wool, blended fabrics, polyester or cotton. Chenille fabrics have their own charm and beauty with the tufted look and shine that give an impression of polite warmth and style. Chenille is comfortable and durable and is available in a variety of colors, patterns, shades and weights ranging from 300 to 800. For example, the Amoshi chenille is light at 400 grams. In the middle you have a Montana chenille that weighs 550 grams and the excellent Molfino range. These two offer a flawless style at affordable prices. At the top you can go out and choose Hitech, the heaviest senile at 800 grams for exceptional luxury and classic elegance in your decoration. Chenille is sensually luxurious and is ideal for homes, hotels and office environments as the ideal sofa fabric. There is richness, warmth, depth, feel and appearance in a senile with 100% polyester yarns that you will not find in any other fabric.

If you are not interested in synthetic fiber sofa fabric, then you can choose wallpaper from jute yarn. The Nano Jute fabric is lightweight, while the Desire range is the ultimate, weighing 600 grams and is ideal for aristocratic interiors with an elegant modern touch.

The fabrics described here meet all the parameters of comfort, durability, maintenance and appearance.