The charm of a Montana ranch

Before Montana officially became a state in 1879, they had already established a historical society. Treasure State strongly understands the importance of preserving history. In Montana Dude Ranches, you can see this story in action.
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After the civil war, beef was supplied in the north. Cowboys from Texas began raising cattle to head north. Cattle farms began to grow, and cowboys became lighting fixtures in Montana. The cowboys are still there and thriving, and you can watch them work, and even help, on any of Montana’s many ranches.
Dude ranches in Montana offer a sense of the Old West with a few or so decorative elements that a traveler wants. There are “guest farmhouses” and “work farms,” ​​and boredom is never an option. Horseback riding, excursions with overnight stays, car rides, cattle and rodeo rides are expected to be fun. Some ranches for Montana’s friends even offer the opportunity to hunt bears! If that’s a little excitement, maybe throwing a few petals and relaxing by the heated pool? However, if you want to spend your vacation, Montana ranches can offer it.
Montana is called “Big Sky Country” for a reason. You couldn’t find a more picturesque environment to ride a horse, a fish or a camp. In any direction you look, there are stunning views of the mountain, open spaces and blue sky that stretches forever. Look around and imagine the earth as Lewis and Clark once saw it. Then get on a horse and see how Montana’s cowboys still do.
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