Healing and recovery – Medical wheel path

Native Americans have the approach to health and well-being that follows from the belief that the disease is associated more with the body. We believe that the disease is associated with an imbalance. The imbalance is not limited to the physical body, but rather to & # 39 is a continuation of all bodies – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. In this article I will introduce you to the medicine wheel and paddle with you my understanding of how this applies to our health and wellbeing. Then we go into each of the bodies, and you will learn how to use and apply the medical community in your life to create harmony and balance.

Medical circle – this tool and guide that is given to us and the Creator used by Indian people for many things, including healing and recovery. In general terms, the disease – a physical manifestation of the spiritual, mental and / or emotional imbalances. It is well known that stress and anxiety are associated with health. Our happiness and relationships with & # 39 are an important part of treatment if we are sick. The large wheels all connected; All things are connected. Approach to the healing process more holistic – one that sees the big picture for the possible causes and solutions.

Physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are represented in the four quadrants of an equilateral cross, found in the center of the circle. This cross and a circle – symbol of the medical wheel. Circle and / or glyphs symbolizes a lot of things, really everything. Circle – perfection, balance, life, the universe, unlimited potential; glyph not from & # 39; is neither a plus nor a minus. All things there are in this circle.

As a tool and guide, we may consider the medicine wheel as a map. As in a conventional map, there are guidelines that provide guidance or navigation can be symbolic starting point, which we know as the four cardinal directions – east, west, north and south. (In fact, the six directions in Kole, because that too is "above" and "below" that Indian people are sometimes referred to as "over the world" and "lower world", or Father Sky and Mother Earth.) Each of the body four correspond to the four direction.

East corresponds to the physical, the south – the emotional, the West – the spiritual and the north – the mental. The easiest way to remember how the four bodies relate to four areas – is to think about the medicine wheel as a human body. The head or the mind (mental) are located in the North as well as the north is always "up" on a normal map. Heart (emotional) is located in the south as well as the heart in the human body below. To remember the east (physical) and west (spiritual), just remember that we depend on the sun for our literal physical existence. We need its light, its warmth and energy to physically survive. Just as the sun rises in the east for our physical needs, and then turns to dusk, when it slides to the west, and you can think about and remind spiritual relationship with the West. You may have heard reference to the "Twilight" or you hear the term "sun that sets your life." The Indians believe that if the spirit leaves the body, it goes to the west. Spirit returns to the spiritual realm.

All things are connected, and all things are working together. Such our health – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. If you are using this knowledge and place their footprints in harmony with this ancient wisdom, you will find the power!

The focus will be four bodies and their relationship with health. We also discuss two other areas – above and below. They are social and professional aspects of our being.

EAST – physical

Sun – a life-giving source, which occupies a central place in the life on earth. The importance that the Indians attach to the sun, there is the veneration that they exhibit. Sun – is our father as well as land – our mother. Like his father, the sun provides us and gives us warmth and light – and works with the mother to provide us food. Just as the sun rises in the east, which signals the beginning of a new day, a new life or a new cycle – so we also put a "new beginning" in the east on the medicine wheel. If a child is born, it comes in the first of four phases of the growth cycle: infant, child, adult, and senior. Since the beginning of this new life, earthly journey begins in the east.

Firstly, there is the need to feed and nourish the body, that it has all that is needed for its optimum capacity. Diet and nutrition – an important element. We want to put good things into our bodies at the same time protecting them from things that might harm him. Our bodies are good filters and cancels itself toxins, but when we consume such substances as substances such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco, the body needs to fight to regain and maintain balance. Abuse of any of these things usually signals that something is not balanced in one or more other bodies – spiritual, mental and emotional – all this makes us more susceptible to disease.

In addition to diet and nutrition, and avoidance of toxins, the body needs exercise. Exercise should be carried out in two forms – training for strength or resistance (weight lifting) and Cardiovascular exercises (eg, cycling, swimming, under the & # 39; the amount of stairs or walking). All that is aerobic, works on strengthening the heart rate. With exercise the body's immune system is strengthened and enhanced its ability to utilize and absorb nutrients. The body needs blood and oxygen, and exercise increases the flow of both.

As in everything, balance & # 39 is the key. The body needs to rest just as he needs exercise. Each person is distinguished by its need for sleep as well as in their exercise needs. Holidays – an essential component for a healthy regime. Balanced meals every day should be devoted to regular physical activity, proper nutrition and rest in order to maintain the physical body is in balance and functioning at an optimal level.

South – emotional

When the sun travels around the earth clockwise, so we celebrate it, moving in the same direction around a medicine wheel. With this we come at noon and emotional body. Our emotional body has inner and outer aspect. Emotional health – this awareness not only of their own feelings, but also how we connect with others.

First we need to understand and manage their feelings and well-being feeling. If a person is in a state of equilibrium, there is a general feeling of positivity and even enthusiasm for life. The difference between life and life is the difference between existence and flourishing.

There are only a few emotions, but a great variety of feelings arising from them. Fear, anger, happiness, sadness / grief and love – these are the basic emotions. Emotional maturity comes when we learn to effectively manage and cope with these emotions, as well as related support feelings. In the same way that we need every day to find and initiate the construction and maintenance of the physical body, so we also need to make time for the care and growth of our emotional body. The daily practice of meditation – it's good. Do not rush every day to find the things that you are pleased and grateful. Email this gratitude in the form of prayer, because it will help you more to understand. Awareness is essential for the growth and development of our emotional health. It is also necessary to focus on how to make positive relationships in our lives. If our relations stable and healthy, they add to our well-being. We can exist without other people, but we can thrive. Simply put, we have created a herd animals, and as such, we must work together for the good of the flock. Our relations with the & # 39 are the external aspect of our emotional body, as well as self-awareness with & # 39 is internal.

You may have noticed that there are different kinds of emotions. I am reluctant to use the term "positive" and "negative", if we talk about emotions, because the pain can be learning and growth … in the end, it is a positive event in our lives. Fear – a great teacher, especially when we are working to control and evolve with it. Feelings – a hint that we need so that we can make adjustments in your life. When we feel good, we go to the same thing. When we are ill, we are making adjustments in order to feel better. All this should temper with good opinions and balance. There are many things that can make us feel good, which in excess can be negative. Some emotions make us feel good, and some make us feel bad, but necessary to our emotional mood and our training.

WEST – spiritual

Why are we here? What is our reason? We are entering into something greater than ourselves? What is more? Here are some of the questions asked (and sometimes ignored) people. We largely accept needs food, clothing and shelter (our physical needs), and recognize that we feel, and we feel being (emotional), and that we have the power of thought (mental), but spirituality – it is one that people can somehow denied. For those who recognize and accept that we are spiritual beings, they also know that it is necessary to feed and nourish the spirit as we need to take care of our physical, emotional and mental body.

One way to do this is through prayer and meditation. Every thought that comes from our mind, and every word that comes out of our mouths – is prayer. When we think, we send the least energy in the world and the universe. That's why we have to be careful with our thoughts. Whether we know it or not, our thoughts – it is the intention that come out of us, even if we do not realize. Our words are introduced into the physical realm what we think. Realizing that our thoughts and our words – this form of prayer, you have to ask, "what and for what, I pray?"

Our spirit – our essence – what we go to bed basically. To be spiritual – is to raise our being to the highest level. We do this through our thoughts, words and action and constant awareness! Feed the body, the mind and heart of the good things, and you feed the spirit. Look for understanding and truth and dedicate a portion of each day to prayer and meditation, and your spirit is strong. Another thing that is important spirit – it is gratitude. Our thanks – this is one thing we can give to the Creator, who is no longer with the & # 39 is His. Whatever it was, for what you are grateful for, if you stop on this in your mind, we return to the generous heart of the universe. Spirit is fed through it.

North – mental

We have endless opportunities for learning. The brain continues to grow throughout our lives, but, like our body, heart and spirit, we need to feed it with good things.

The mental aspect of our life is important, because the idea – it's the beginning of what we are working to create. Change your thinking and you change your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change your actions. Change your actions, and you change your character. Change the character and you change your destiny. It all starts with a thought. This is our opportunity to create, thanks to our intentions, the life we ​​want for ourselves. If you focus on the positive things in life, a positive result. To understand the thoughts that may be necessary to adjust or change important in meditation.

In addition to meditation, we want to stimulate the brain and throw the challenge and to devote a portion of each day's aspirations and intellectual growth. Puzzles, learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, all that causes the brain to work, can be growth.

I can not stress enough strength to be positive and keep the focus on the good in life. The term "we reap what we sow," exactly. If you send the good things in the universe, you get the good stuff back. Seeds that you have sown today – a garden, from which you will eat tomorrow.

MOTHER – social

I hesitate to send this direction because of the negative connotations associated with "down", so I use the "Mother" because the mother energy flowing up and down the spiral helix of energy. To keep this in mind, you can think of "Mother Earth" and "Father of the Sun". Together they form a double helix which extends through all things. In humans, this energy travels through a natural channel in our spine.

We must take care of our social / communal environment, as a mother who takes care of her child. In native culture there is a strong sense of community, because we recognize that "it takes a village." All we, as individuals affect the whole, that affect us in return. We must take care of a whole just as we take care of ourselves and all dimensions, which are a part of life. We look forward to many others. For our survival, we trust there are other beings on this earth. We are herd animals, and as such, we need to know their place in the great circle of life. We need to know how we treat the rest – and how they treat us. Each person either positively or negatively contributes to its environment and society, so it is in all & # 39; it is best to aim for a healthy relationship with the world and all beings in it.

This is due to the four stages of the growth cycle, when a child is born, everything is done to the child. His dress, feed, clean and take care of someone else. In a sense, the world (at least, as it knows the child) revolves around him. As soon as it grows and increases awareness of it, he sees a big world, and it is a natural tendency to try to learn the world, to become more independent – to go further and to do more for themselves. In the end, he learns that the world is becoming less about him and more about the whole. If his training is in equilibrium, he knows the importance of service to the whole, because it knows that serving tselomu, in fact, is Ya

Part of our lives should be devoted to municipal service at a certain level. At the heart of learning to live in harmony with the environment and society – to get away from them and give them.

FATHER – Professional

Profession – more than we do to make a living. This is how we "work" in order to enrich our lives and how we contribute to the whole society. It rises above a simple task, doing it with a positive attitude.

During the lessons we can learn new skills, discover new ideas, they can nourish our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental body. Understanding how work contributes to our own lives, our seven & # 39; and, our community and our world can raise the position-oriented tasks to something more meaningful and feasible.

A key factor in achieving this goal with the & # 39 is to find what you love to do … find something that fits your values, morals and beliefs. Barring this, it is about the right attitude, the work of the heart and find joy in the achievements and deeds, because you know what you are doing, it is important on so many levels. Do as that's what you mean!


Energy is all around us. We are made of energy. There are many different forms of energy: heat, light, male, female, positive, negative, and so on. There is also a universal energy – the divine energy that if we enter into it and align yourself with the flow of its life changing.

To align ourselves with this stream, we need to bring all of the above mentioned bodies in harmony. If all bodies are in harmony and balance, it's like all the planets, which combine us and our good.

Energy – it swings and fluctuations. If we resonate with things at a higher vibrational level, we must first raise their own. We enter into this higher current, making the best choices that affect all levels and all the bodies. This choice is based on the positive thoughts and actions. Our quest for good health and well-being in their hearts looking for the good life. The welfare of living well.

The traditional way, I place this information at your feet. If you need to find in it something good, pick it up and go with him, because it now belongs to you. We do this with the gifts of this nature, as we understand that each person has free will. With this free will comes responsibility for the gift of life that we have. Each person should take the initiative and be an active participant in his welfare. Symbolic "lying at your feet," shows that you should take it upon themselves to pick up and use the information. Like any other medication, it only works if you take it.

My prayer is that each person is a balance because of this awareness, which then spread to the whole of our world and to fix the Sacred Hoop of Life, which has been broken for too long.


Ralph P. Brown (Tawennihake)