Funeral planning – thinking outside the box

Mortuaries may not like it. However, if your family & # 39; I went to the expense of pre-paid funeral plan, my suggestion is to think through everything. The funeral can be quite expensive these days. And the attitude of the person who is facing at this moment, can change. The traditional approach was to "be ready." There is nothing wrong with that.

Increasingly, training includes a variety of options that have not been considered previously.

I was lucky that I was retired (I – a pensioner, a & # 39 united Methodist minister). Regulations required that no one has been a constant in this community, if not yet reached 55 years of age. This, of course, set the parameters of interest. Many, if not most, of the residents came from other parts of the country to retire in this community. It is located in a suburb of Phoenix. Weather & # 39; s and amenities were also very beautiful.

And, of course, along the way there are solutions, and issues related to morality. The presence of the church community is quite strong. There are a variety of options. Many of them provide a columbarium, which helps to strengthen the dead and in order to place the ashes in a permanent niche in the property of the church touchdown. In addition, there is a "scattering gardens". What happened was that many people who have replaced their south-western roots, confirmed that the traditions and customs of the past are no longer such a big deal. And they have launched an investigation. During his tenure as eight out of ten people choose cremation and position in the columbarium. The average age of the congregation at the time was the mid-seventies. Today it is already over eighty.

Some decided to return to former homes when they still have ties and family. Some move because of health problems in place that ensure their needs. But those who stayed, have created a new level of comfort with the idea that years earlier, they might have thought.

What are the benefits?

* Flexibility. This approach allows to provide flexibility in terms of convenience for everyone involved. In these days of excessive spending on travel is the wisdom in this. Among the seven & # 39; families are scattered, often around the world, it allows to take into account their needs. This avoids the need to purchase land, to be faced with all the physical problems after death. This ensures that the dignity of the deceased.

* sentimentality : Some argue that the closure of a & # 39 is an important issue of the funeral service. Neither one can not conveniently be different from this. It is provided. Memorial service, respectively, planned and implemented, can offer it. Some say that "they need a place" to go, if the deceased person "buried."

This is provided for in kalambaryi with a sign indicating the name, dates and required permanent detention facilities.

* personality : What's important in all of this – respect for the individual. Whatever the benefits are, must be respected. One of my earliest burials in Western Nebrastsy included service in which the deceased asked for "Home on the range" of his favorite music. Imposing freedom services or that guilt can ensure that it will not be a satisfactory point. In this way, encourage thinking outside the box, literally and figuratively.