Red diesel – a red diesel fuel, which costs less

If you own a construction company or the use of agricultural machinery, you may pay for their diesel fuel. Diesel red dye has the same chemical composition as the diesel №2, but was added to the red pigment. Red diesel is cheaper because it can be used for any vehicle that runs on diesel engines, which does not move along the roadway, and therefore is exempt from state road tax. For example, in California diesel, painted red, is approximately 40,40,50 gallon than diesel №2 because of the lack of state road tax. Here, a closer look at the types of off-road vehicles using red diesel, and businesses that can greatly benefit from the transition to diesel red dye.

Construction companies rely on diesel fuel to provide power to their side cranes, cranes, bulldozers, and even the Bobcats to their diesel generators. Movement of large items such as fittings loading, soil and steel bars, does not correspond to more equipment. However, with road construction vehicles, such as these, the gas is burned in large quantities. According to the web-site test laboratory in Nebraska, construction machines differ greatly in gallons used per hour, depending on the size of the car.

With the smallest bulldozers that use a little less than 4 gal / h, and the greatest devouring 18 gal / hour work day can cost thousands of dollars in fuel costs! Only one large construction vehicle that works 9 hours a day at 18 gal / hour ($ 3.00 per gallon), cost of diesel №2 make 486,00 dollars a day. If diesel red dye was used instead, its value would amount to only 396.90 dollars per day, 2.45 dollars per gallon! Savings: 89.10 dollars per vehicle, per day. With many construction machines in operation building company can save thousands of dollars a day on diesel fuel costs.

Farmers – is another type of business, which may receive financial benefit from the use of diesel fuel a red dye. Agricultural equipment, including tractors, bulldozers, harvesters, the Bobcats and diesel generators, can use red diesel, diesel instead of number 2. Testing Nebraska Laboratory claims that the new John Deere tractor 9230 uses an average of about 11.5 ha / h . For several tractors and agricultural machinery, working on the diesel engine from the sun to the sun, the savings may increase significantly each day! At $ 3.00 per gallon for diesel №2 against 2.45 dollars per gallon for diesel dyed red 10-hour working day could cost 63.25 dollars less than the vehicle!

Although some people use red dye fuel in their diesel engines on the roads of the state, to do it illegally. The California Highway Patrol has the paper sensors to check for the presence of red dye in cars and consumer will be hard to fine the driver, when the shelf out of the tank with a classic red tint. All off-road farm and construction machines can use this less expensive fuel, and business owners can begin saving money immediately. In this poor economy, saving money is important, than ever. Other businesses that can benefit from the use of this fuel instead of traveling shows that use diesel generators, such as entertainment shows, carnival and fairs. Start saving money today by clicking on the red dye diesel!