Lola Fernandez: Football Genius – Biography

Lola Fernandez, one of the most popular players in Latin America Throughout his 12-year-old car & # 39; EASURES with the Peruvian side, between 1935 and 1947 Lola Ferrandes was not as a participant of the World Cup as Abdulio Varela from Uruguay and Brazil, Leonidas da Silva. Despite all this, he still inspires the […]

Healing and recovery – Medical wheel path

Native Americans have the approach to health and well-being that follows from the belief that the disease is associated more with the body. We believe that the disease is associated with an imbalance. The imbalance is not limited to the physical body, but rather to & # 39 is a continuation of all bodies – […]

Predators have

Over the past few months on cable television stations sounded a recurring theme: predators snatching children, sexually abuse them and then kill them. Who could forget the horror of hearing the three members of the Idaho home state, which was broken stalkers, who snatched two younger children and mocked them both, before killing one of […]

Funeral planning – thinking outside the box

Mortuaries may not like it. However, if your family & # 39; I went to the expense of pre-paid funeral plan, my suggestion is to think through everything. The funeral can be quite expensive these days. And the attitude of the person who is facing at this moment, can change. The traditional approach was to […]