Think Space and Bill Gates

Space Adventures, which conducted the orbital space flights for the “space tourists” from 2001 – the only company to date that conducts space trip for amateur astronauts, including Charles Simonyi and four others who have signed up for space walks.
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As stated in the previous article, Simon paid about $ 20 million to $ 25 million for a 13-day trip to the international space station, with “Space Adventure” and the Russian Federal Space Agency, on the & # 39; united to make the trip possible.
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The Russian news agency “Interfax” reports that the expedition commander Fyodor Yurchyhin and Charles Simonyi discussed the possibility that billionaire Bill Gates is considering an opportunity to travel to space travel. Stacey tour, a spokeswoman for Space Adventures, said that Gates had not yet contacted the company about the possibility of orbital space flight, but the company already has in mind the place and could soon to & # 39 appears on the next client.
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The world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, famous for his extreme theories about the origin of the universe and black holes, and has set a goal to make a trip on a rocket to the boundary of space, possibly on a ship designed Virgin Galactic, an airplane flight with zero gravity in April 2007, conducted by Zero the Gravity, during which Hawking experienced weightlessness tested orbiting astronauts, was a test run for possible future space flight.
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Traveling with zero force Hawking has been slightly changed to ensure its frail state to the shorter periods of weightlessness and a little more easily deduced from the aircraft descent. Four doctors and two nurses monitored vital signs throughout the flight, and the safety equipment is on board. Flying with zero gravity succeeded: Hawking was negotiating to take eight revolutions instead of the planned six, and perform gymnastic turns in the air.
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Hawking said he hoped that his space flight will promote commercial space travel, which he considers a necessary next step in the future of mankind. He often expressed the opinion that “life on earth has come under increasing risk of extinction disaster such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers.
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” Only with the help of private companies that make the commercial space travel, can permanently transfer a portion of the human race from the planet to ensure the survival of the human species in the case of a global catastrophe on Earth. Space tourists such as Charles Simon, Stephen Hawking and perhaps Bill Gates to help realize this dream.

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