The review: Great Plains, Ian Frazer

“Far from the great American plains to the west of the boundless prairies of short grass, which is now largely plowed! Next to the still empty land outside newsstands and shopping centers and restaurants velvet rope!”

Thus begins the Great Plains, the examination in 1989 in America. The vast interior space of the plains and prairies that Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from Canada in the north to the south of Texas panzhale.
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Throwing a length of about 2,500 miles and 600 miles at its widest point, the Great Plains cover a part of the Canadian province of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as part of the US states of Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico Oklahoma and Texas.
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Part history, part travel, part of an extended trip on the road, the Great Plain has the grandeur and scale of the very border, killed in his concise 214 pages of main text – it does not mean feat, let me tell you.
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Before he wrote this book, Ian Frazer flew about 25,000 miles across the plains – from Montana to Texas and back. Twice. Like many short distances. It meanders took him from an abandoned missile command center of a ballistic missile in a remote Montana, to the exact location of car immersion Bonnet and Clyde in the Red River; Sitting on the camp’s location on bull Great River to the site of the last Bonfire at Little Big Horn; Fort Union in North Dakota to Fort Stockton, Texas.
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It is no accident in this book are so many rivers – even as the peripheral & # 39, Great Plains is sometimes so dry and barren, that in the early years of exploration of them was known as the Great American Desert. For the early settlers – as Native Americans – was the point of building their fortresses and villages, their towns and cities on the banks of any river, big enough to provide the public the source of life-giving water and food.
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It is no coincidence that the history of conflicts between Indians and settlers, the Indians maintained throughout the Great Plains. Fraser manages to study the murder of millions of bison, betrayal and death of Crazy Horse, as well as to meet and mix with the numerous descendants of the great warriors of the past, when it bypasses this huge space.
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All the great heroes here; brawlers and arandatoryi, mountain men and fur adlovshchyki, libertines and bandits, cowboys and Indians, railroad barons, oil, coal miners and more. You can meet a large and humble, rich and poor, immigrant Germans and former slaves of the South Black Sea, as well as the men and women who have fought for generations (and still struggling), to make the Great Plains some life.
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Ian Frazer is obviously in love with the great plain, its history and a huge warehouse of fairy-tale characters – both modern and ancient. As an introduction to this large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland and open space of the Great Plains from & # 39 are entertainment and educational filled understanding obscure historical facts and directories and, ultimately, to read obscure.
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Finally, the book is well indexed, it includes 16 pages of black-and-white photographs and has almost 70 pages broad notes that complement the main text. Highly recommended.

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