Great Reportage 12: 9 week


Defining week for the Big 12 last week when Texas continues to ride and even went into the rating BCS after hit after it is ranked # 8 Texas Tech in Austin, obviously sending a message the rest of the Great 12 to the south and the north, they – the big boys on the block and the main rival of the national title. The end date of the season at Texas A & M at College Station looms large, but Texas is amplified in the championship of the Great 12, regardless of the outcome of this game, and should destroy all who take the North Division.

The picture has become more expressive in the North last week, when the whole world is Missouri QB Brad Smith confused by Nebraska and created more than 450 yards of offense in the explosion of the Husker, which were down 21, tied it at half-time and then pulled the Tigers Claws and it was a track for Brad Smith. This week in the state of Lincoln Nebraska takes Oklahoma, and rival North title Colorado put Kansas Bouldery dramatic way 44-13 and go to Manhattan Kansas to take on staff Uayldkans, who descended into the flames at Texas A & M last week only two points in garelni. It appears as Missouri and Colorado race to the finish line in the North, as in Buffalo at home in Nebraska the day after the turkey and it is a huge plus for them. Stay tuned for the race in second place in the south should be good with Texas Tech and Texas A & M. Here are some steps in the Big 12 this weekend

Colorado -7 @ Kansas State

KLYUCHNAYA game in Buffalo, and they would be & # 39; are on all cylinders in the crime now, exposing 44 more than respectable Protection Kansas last week as QB Joel Klatt continues his success with a 62% -s' level of completion and 12 TD against just 4 choices per year, which is much better than K State QB Allan Everidge, which has just over 800 yards per year, with 5 the TD, and QB Webb, who the best runner, the two swapped playing time to find the right mix. The key to the end of the K-State with & # 39 is an average of only 58 yards rushing per game which in the last 3, which means a complex defensive line almost the entire game. Buffy can earn points in a hurry with a strong trio of receivers and the QB excellent, and I'm looking for a 10-point victory over Buffalo here as K State fights and eliminates the 2 straight losses, resulting in a 89-48.

Missouri -5.5 vs. Kansas

For those of you who do not know, it's a huge rivalry in football in the Great 12, which returns to the Great 8 days. Dish disconnected from a huge victory in Nebraska, and even better for this scenario, avenging the loss of Kansas back and playing with double revenge. Crime tigers QB Smith at the helm with a & # 39 is tough, and spread an attack can strike quickly, as evidenced by their balanced attack and distributing more than 540 yards of offense per game in their last 3, against the likes of Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma on road. Kansas just can not trade punches here, and crime by an average of almost 300 yards per game compared to the tigers, which must avenge Kansas this week with confidence. Brad Smith again changed the situation, plus WR & Missou are larger than 6 "and" 3 "or higher, which creates a wrong comparison with smaller databases.

Nebraska vs. -1.5 in May Aklahoma- functional 12 games TYDENNYA

Texas Tech -10 @ Baylor

I feel for the bears the Baylor, as they surprised even themselves this season, even when recording a 4-3, but fatigue will be the main this week in Waco, if they take for themselves time & # 39; furiously Texas team Those who built Texas last week in a huge loss in Austin. The truth is that Baylor retreated from the loss of Oklahoma, Nebraska beating the week before, and the Red Raiders seeking to score here are some points for the Bears it will be a long day, and I see that they have the worst loss of the season on Saturday. I would note that the "Bears" is not out of & # 39 are a good team out of the red zone and the head coach of "raider" Mike Leach will take a lot of chances in this game.

That is, this week in the Big 12, be sure and follow the report on the following weeks, and a large number of awards winners playing in the Big 12 each and every week.