Beautiful America – Memorial Day


I wrote this a few times ago, but still very appropriate for this Memorial Day! Enjoy!

If you do not go through this beautiful country, we some time call home, I highly recommend it. My husband and I had the opportunity in May, and we jumped at it. We started very windy, cold Tuesday morning with fear.

The route we chose took us through a blizzard in Wyoming (this cute little summer storm, which I learned later, leaving 22 inches of snow in Montana), Nebraska, where gas prices have made great 3.58 dollars per gallon, and warning of a tornado in Missouri. In every part of the country there is a clearly a different terrain – a joy to rediscover it again and again.

We found one happy little place in Illinois, where we stopped for breakfast, which seemed to be the basis for financial time. Gas prices reached $ 2.98 per gallon, and a delicious breakfast was not worth the arm and leg and your first born.

Unfortunately, we had to move on …. If you live in the west, you get used to the miles and miles of desert, mountains and several cities in between. However; if you go east, you expect that people will be more dense and, consequently, on the highways, you can get more towns and specifically restaurants. Not so! Motorway, we were having fun, were held on the slopes of the green hills, lots of trees and farmland, but, unfortunately, these people apparently do not eat. Rarely was available output to receive gas or eat. This prompted us to stock up when we found a place to stay, and by the time we got to Virginia, we could open his own shop of cheeses and crackers.

We finally arrived in Alexandria, Virginia late Friday, just before the Memorial Day events. Alexandria is outside of our nation's capitol and some fabulous place on weekends Memorial Day.

Everywhere there were activities for the whole family & # 39; and. Street musicians, street magicians, parrot rescue organization, carriage rides and colonial guide to take you to Alexandria and the trip to the cemetery – only a few entertainment options. Alexandria is known for being a & # 39 is "fun party descendant," and it certainly lives up to its reputation.

Embankment filled with life and entertainment. Between all the small shops, cafes and restaurants in the open air you will find that most of the original "old town" remains intact. Some streets are still paved, and many of the buildings are still colonial homes of yesteryear. They are perfectly preserved, and it would not be unusual to see George Washington or perhaps Benjamin Franklin come out of one of these residences. The town has done an excellent job of preserving our early American heritage.

Washington itself lived with people from anywhere in the country. The most visible and obvious of course was Rolling Thunder. This organization is already 20th year deals with the problems of war and police and supported the veterans of all wars. They roared into town on his Harley, their presence justified their behalf. Quite a sight!

Besides all the parades, speeches and ceremonies, which were held in honor of our fallen heroes, National Cemetery Arlingtana left a deep impression on me. When we passed through the gate with hundreds of other visitors to pay their respects, I was seized by severe sadness and gratitude.

My husband – the military, retired, as in many other Seven & # 39; pits, we also have a lot of people about whom we are afraid in Iraq. National Cemetery Arlingtana – it's so vivid picture of how many men and women have given their lives over the years to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted.

When I walked through the rows of tombstones, I was thinking about the diversity of this country and the life that we can continue and enjoy. True said that "Freedom is not free." I believe that the best way to thank our heroes – is to get out and enjoy all that this country has to offer. Walk – see those "amber waves of grain," "purple mountain majesty" and "fruit plains." We do live in a country that deserves to be called "America the beautiful".