To become a nurse in America


How many licenses do I need to be a nurse in America?

This is a question often asked by many nurses living in the US who want to become a nurse. In this article we will look at American Travel Nursing and licenses needed to become so.

In the US, the National Council of State Boards of nurses (NCSBN) has developed a plan, which they call "model of mutual recognition". This means that you will only need one license to conduct practice across national borders. There are other states that have adopted this model and have entered into a compact in which they agree to recognize nurses' licenses from other countries are also involved. Here are answers on some of the key issues relating to the scheme of mutual recognition of licenses.

1. How does the Interstate Agreement? It works the same way as a driver's license, because the nurse who, as they say, is licensed in Utah, could have to practice in any state that has passed this CD. But the nurse should carry the state in which it operates, nurse practitioners and other rules. It is therefore important that any nurse who works in another state, should know what it is before you start work.

2. Which countries are involved in the interstate agreement? Currently, 13 states are involved, and that Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. This means that any nurse from these states can legally engage in any of the others who are involved.

3. In accordance with the international treaties to need a nurse for more than one license to conduct training outside the country? The answer to this is that if your home state, and the state in which you want to do an internship, passed an interstate compact, you will have a license from your home state and you do not need for the state in which you work. However, if another country is not part of an interstate compact package, you will also need a license.

Let's hope that the answers given to the three questions above will give you a better idea of ​​what is required for American tourism. But if you want to know more, why not do a quick search on the internet to find out more.