Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge – Omaha, North Korea


"Praise the bridge that moved you"

George Coleman

Going through Blefs Tips for Business in 2007, I noticed an interesting structure, which is being built across the Missouri River from Omaha. Being curious, as always, and just under the & # 39; was moving from Kansas City, I decided to relax and get closer to check it out. I will never have the opportunity to come to the shore of one of the great rivers and meditate for a while, so I got out of the Interstate 29 on 9th Avenue in Blefs Council and made his way to the "Park of Friendship".

I parked the car in park and walked to the edge of the Missouri River, and on its shores, and looked at the structure, which takes the form of. two high towers were completed, and large cranes placed sections of the bridge deck. I told myself that I will need to go back and go through the bridge, when it ends.

Such an opportunity to & # 39 appeared in 2009, when I was passing through on the way to Omaha game in China with his son. We followed Interstate 480 in the city center of Omaha and making their way to Riverfront Drive for Qwest Center. We parked near the National Park Service – The headquarters of the Lewis and Clark-third at 601 Riverfront Drive. From there we went to the beautifully manicured trails Bob Kerry Bridge, increasing more and more, if you approach it from the south.

It is hard to imagine this place without a few construction details. The bridge was built in 2006-2008. September 13, 2008 held a big celebration when the bridge was baptized for the lack of a better term. This unique bridge – it's not a straight bridge deck, as most I've seen, but rather kryviz as a snake, when he crosses the river.

The bridge connects Omaha, Nebraska with Council Blefs, Iowa, and a length of 3000 feet from end to end, if it covers the Missouri River. It is named Nebraska Senator Bob Kerry, who provided the construction of $ 18 million for its construction. Upon its completion, it was the first pedestrian bridge that connected the two countries together.

The two towers of the bridge has a height of 210 feet, and they have a number of slots at the top, which has a programmable lights that are lit in different colors depending on the case. When I was there, they were all light green. The very deck of the bridge is 52 feet above the water and provides excellent viewing points along its entire length, from which you can see the river on the south and north and the skyline of downtown Omaha. The bridge connects the 150 miles of hiking trails and cycle paths on both sides of the Missouri River.

Bridge deck is attached to the towers a number of cables that go from the top of the towers in the conveyor configuration. This type of construction of the bridge is called "cable stayed – curve S". The deck of the bridge, 15 feet wide, tilted back and forth, as they say, imitates the meander of the Missouri River.

There are smart boards that tell about the Lewis and Clark expedition along the path that leads from the park headquarters to the bridge. When I stood in the middle of the bridge deck, looking at the water, I was somewhat fascinated swirls, eddies and waves chocolate Missouri and large snags which killed logs and trees from unknown places far upriver. I thought of Lewis, Clark and the Corps of Discovery as they made their way on this powerful unknown river and looking at the shore, asked how they could at any time to distract his barge because of tangled foliage and dirt. .

Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge – a great place from which to look at the river and think of all who came before, especially Indians and body openings. Another interesting topic in the vast and beautiful land called America.