Doggin "Geological Park" Toadstool ": hiking with his dog in the Nebraska Badlands &

America America got its ominous name when early settlers found it
it is impossible to safely roll the wagon on the compromised lunar landscapes of the Upper Midwest. Our most well-known finds are kept in the national parks Dakota – and beyond canine visitors.

To give the dog a chance to explore this unique country rock stucco,
heading south of the Dakota to the little-known trees Nebraska
Panhandle. Here at Gala national meadows, you will find comfortable for dogs
Geological Park toadstools, where there is water and wind tireless team
cut bizarre rock formations on the old hills.

Shape "toadstool", if the foundation of soft clay stone eroded more quickly than
hard sandstone covering. You can hike with a dog on the award-mile
interpretations of the loop, which leads you to the educational adventure through them
trees. Your dog is welcome on the hard rock, but you can also explore
Way for close-ups looking to the beams on the stones of fossil bones that Cord
rocks and 30,000,000th footprints preserved in rock.

There are a few stones that need to be scaled along the route, but by that tram
wrapped cliffs of clay and ash are suitable for any level of canine visitors. there is only
Sporadic shade and seasonal streams in this ancient riverbed bring a lot
water for your dog, especially during the summer months. Relax at the end of
hike to a small fenced yard reconstructed turf house near the parking

For long Toadstool Park dog hikes connected to the world-famous
Hudson-Meng Bison, brandy over three miles. This archaeological site is committed
solve the mystery of how the more than 600 bison killed nearly 10 000 years ago in the area
about the size of a football stadium. Human predator with & # 39 is the leading suspect.

Toadstool Geological Park is located 19 km northwest of Crawford, Nebraska, in the United States
Woodland path 904 from state highway 2/71. The trail starts behind the six-
camping units.

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